Welcome To Our Advance Techniques.

The Advance techniques are what we consider to be your "Daily Self Care Routine”. These techniques are what will allow you to work the tightness out of the deepest parts of your muscles.

The key to the Advanced techniques is muscle movement as you are foam rolling. You will be lengthening and contracting your muscles as they are being compressed by the foam roller. This will allow you to work the foam roller deeper into your muscles.

You will Learn:

- A basic understanding of specific muscle movement.

- To maneuver your body over the foam roller, while moving the muscle.


- To incorporate additional self care tools with muscle movement.

You will continue to:

- Develop your foam rolling rhythm.

- Improve your understanding of what is your pain tolerance.

- Work your muscles at a deeper level.

- Fine tune your awareness of your body’s typical tight areas.

- Release deeper scar tissue, adhesions, in your muscles.

Below is the outline for our Advanced Course.


Brian and Christina Hagan

Your Healthysteps

Advanced Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Start Here!
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    Introduction to Advanced
    • Introduction to Advanced Foam Rolling
    • Goals for Advanced Foam Rolling
  • 3
    UPPER BODY - Advanced
    • BACK: Movement; Rotates and bends body forward, backwards and sideways. Joints; All vertebra, shoulder, hips.
    • SHOULDER PART 1: Movement; Moves arm forward, backward, inward, outward and away from body. Joints; Shoulder, upper vertebra.
    • SHOULDERS PART 2: Movement; Moves arm away from body, pull arm forward and backward. Rotates arm inward and outward. Joints; Shoulder, upper vertebra.
    • ARMS (UPPER AND LOWER): Movement; Move shoulder and elbow up and down. Move wrist up and down. Move wrist in and out. Joints; Elbow, wrist, fingers, shoulder.
  • 4
    LOWER BODY - Advanced
    • Back Of The Lower Leg: Movement; Pull foot down, rotate foot in. Joints; Knee, ankle and big toe.
    • Front Of The Lower Leg: Movement; Rotate foot in, pull foot and toe up. Joints; Ankle, knee, toes.
    • Side Of The Lower Leg: Movement; Rotate foot out, pull foot down. Joints; Ankle, knee, toes.
    • Back Of The Upper Leg: Movement; Bend knee, pull leg back, rotate leg out/in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • Front Of The Upper Leg: Movement; Straighten knee, pull leg up at hip. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • Inside Of The Upper Leg: Movement; Pull leg in, rotate hip in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • Outside Of The Upper Leg: Movement; Moves leg up, rotates hip in, moves hip outward. Joints; Hip, knee.
    • Outside Of The Hip: Movement; Pull leg out, pull leg up, rotate hip in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • Back Of The Hips: Movement; Pulls leg back, rotates leg out. Joints; Hip, back.
  • 5
    • Full Upper Body Routine - Advanced
    • Full Lower Body Routine - Advanced
  • 6
    • Congratulations

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About Brian & Christina

Brian and Christina Hagan, were the first couple to graduate together from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2004. 

Brian Hagan, LMBT started the rehabilitative massage program at Raleigh Orthopedic’s Sports program, where he worked from 2006 – 20012. Brian was the official massage therapist for the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team between 2007-2013.He has worked with the NC State Athletics Department from 2006 – present. He currently sees many professional and semi-professional athletes at his office, HealthySteps for Sports and NeuroMuscular Massage.

Brian's Super Power is knowing how muscles work, and how to approach muscles in a unique and effective way to get out tight band, muscle adhesions and scar tissue to bring about a healthier muscle that works fluidly.

Christina Hagan, LMBT is also is a NeuroMuscular Massage Therapist.  She is trained in Manual Lymph Drainage by The Chikly Health Institute and The Academy of Lymphatic Studies. She provides Manual Lymph Drainage to athletes, post-surgery clients and clients with compromised lymph systems at their office, HealthySteps.  Christina is a Fully Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor and has been teaching nationally with C.A.R.E since 2006.  Christina holds a Masters in Education and taught as a Special Ed. Teacher for 12 years.  

Christina's Super Power is taking a complex topic and breaking it down to small bits that are easy to understand.  

Together, Brian and Christina not only practice at HealthySteps but this couple has combined their Super Powers and created foam rolling and self care training programs to help you stay active and pain-free so you can keep doing what you love to do!