Do You Love Raindrop?

Have you Ever Wondered What some of the Techniques are For?

When I first learned Raindrop in 2005 I focused on the HOW of the techniques.

I wanted to master all the techniques, just like my Raindrop students.

How do I do VitaFlex, Stretch & Shake, Saw Maneuver etc. correctly.

That is the intention behind a Raindrop class, isn’t it? No matter if you’ve learned Raindrop by a video, in an hour class, at a large convention or 8 hour training, you need to learn the HOW first before you go any further.


once I became skilled at the techniques and started teaching Raindrop, I found myself on the next level of mastery. I began to question WHY these techniques are used. I wanted to fully understand the purpose behind each technique.

That is what lead me to research, ask and closely observe.

  • I used my 15 years of experience as a NeuroMuscular Massage Therapist and Manual Lymph Drainage specialist to understand how each technique in Raindrop would physically support the body.
  • I drew on the mentoring I received from Dr. David Stewart as a C.A.R.E. Instructor.
  • I looked back on my notes from Gary Young’s books and lectures.

As I started being more intentional with my techniques, I found that I gained information from how my client’s body responded. This allowed me to see how I could offer more physical support and we had improved outcomes.

“Technique Intentions” puts together those years of experience, study and mentorship.

This course is for people who like me, want to fully understand the WHY behind all the techniques used in Raindrop.

In this training I’ll explain to you the intentions behind each of the techniques used in Raindrop.  I’ll also give you visual tips and cues to let you know that you are achieving those intentions.  

I want to share my years of research and “ah-ha’s” with you because I believe that once you understand the WHYS or the intentions behind each technique you’ll be more purposeful in your application of the techniques and you'll feel more confident. This will lead to improved outcomes and happier receivers!

Course curriculum

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    Techniques Used in Raindrop
    • Feathering along the Spine
    • Feathering Straight to Sides
    • Finger Circles
    • Thumb VitaFlex Along the Spine
    • Finger Straddle / Saw Maneuver
    • Stretch & Shake
    • Application of Base Oil
    • Palm Slide / Indian Rub
    • Arched Feather Strokes
    • Moist Heat Pack
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    Additional Resources & Thanks!
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What People are Saying...

  • It is revealing to understand my personal why`s with each...

    Auli Koskinen

    With the Notes were clear and easy to follow the video, I enjoyed!

    With the Notes were clear and easy to follow the video, I enjoyed!

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  • Technique Intentions

    Gail Hunter

    Great video. It really explains the reasons we do these different techniques and helps up put our intention into the techniques.

    Great video. It really explains the reasons we do these different techniques and helps up put our intention into the techniques.

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About Me

Hi, I live in North Carolina with my husband, Brian and daughter, Joy.   

Together Brian and I offer therapeutic bodywork and wellness education in our practice, HealthySteps.

I have been offering the Raindrop Technique® since 2005 right after I graduated from massage school.  I then fell in love with the C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) curriculum and become an instructor in 2006.  I have been teaching with C.A.R.E. since then!

Before entering the field of wellness, I was a Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired and worked with children and adults.  In this position I loved teaching skills to increase independence.  

I see Young Living's mission to get oils into every home and CARE's mission to get Raindrop into every home as complementary visions that are fostering Wellness Independence.  

I'm excited to be playing a role in enhancing your Wellness Independence with these on-line trainings.  I started Adapting Raindrop so that you can be more independent in your use of this flexible and effective wellness tool, Raindrop!