You Love Raindrop

But, You Have Lots Of Questions...

I'll answer the most common questions people have about how to adapt and modify your Raindrops in the Raindrop Resource Guide for Oily Families and I'll share many more tips and ideas with you!

Raindrop Technique® supports our body and general health in so many ways.  I want to help you feel safe and confident in giving Raindrops to your family and friends. 

With this resource guide I'll walk you though concepts that I've learned and developed during my 15 years of offering Raindrop in my massage practice and teaching the technique to a wide variety of people.  

This Resource Guide is divided into 3 parts.  

  • Part 1: Discusses how to adapt the oils used.
  • Part 2: You will learn how to keep your receiver comfortable - even if you don't have a massage table.
  • Part 3: All about special considerations.

The Resource Guide Includes

  • 1
    • Start Here
    • The Full Resource Guide to Print Out
  • 2
    Part 1: Tailoring the Oils
    • Chapter 1: Time to Answer Those Questions - Why Raindrop is Such a Flexible and Adaptable Technique.
    • Chapter 2: The Basic Recipe - Eight Questions and Concepts to Guide You in Adapting Your Raindrops.
    • Chapter 3: Adding Other Oils - How to Decide Which Additional Oils to Add.
    • Chapter 4: Raindrop is Just Like Cooking - How to Replace for Missing Oils and Allergies. Learn the "System Supporting Raindrop" protocal.
    • Chapter 5: All About the Base - A Simple Way to Tailor Your Raindrop.
    • Chapter 6: Just Give 'em a Quickie! - How to Give a Raindrop When it is Needed.
  • 3
    Part 2: Comfort of the Receiver
    • Chapter 7: Notes to Print off for Giving a Raindrop When You Don't Have a Massage Table.
    • Foot VitaFlex When You Don't Have a Massage Table.
    • Giving a Raindrop on the Floor - Pros & Cons, Tips to Make it More Comfortable.
    • Giving a Raindrop on the Bed - Pros & Cons, Tips to Make it More Comfortable.
    • Giving a Raindrop at the Kitchen Table - Pros & Cons, Tips and Tools to Make it More Comfortable.
    • Giving a Raindrop on a Massage Chair - Pros & Cons, Tips to Make it Comfortable.
    • Chapter 8: Notes to Print off for Comfort of Your Receiver When on a Massage Table
    • When Your Receiver Has Stuffy Sinuses from Laying Face Down on a Massage Table - Options on What You Can Do.
    • Why Modify for Pregnancy.
    • Giving Raindrop During Pregnancy - How to Keep Mama Safe and Comfortable.
    • Foot VitaFlex for Pregnancy.
  • 4
    Part 3: Special Considerations
    • Chapter 9: Notes to Print off for Special Considerations - We'll Address Raindrop and Autism, Babies, Cancer, Children, Pregnancy and more...
    • Giving Raindrops to Babies & Toddlers.
    • Chapter 10: Continue Growing - You'll Receive Updates as this Resource Guide Grows.
    • Chapter 11: Additional Resources - Additional Support and Easy to Find Raindrop Tools.
    • Your Thoughts

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About the Raindrop Resource Guide

  • Excellent information to continue your Raindrop training

    Debra Swartzendruber

    There is so much information packed into this short but very informative course! It comes with a PDF manual to print and refer to as needed along with videos...

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    There is so much information packed into this short but very informative course! It comes with a PDF manual to print and refer to as needed along with videos showing you how to implement the suggestions and links to resources mentioned in the course. If you know the basics of giving a Raindrop but want to think outside the box and help those with special needs/situations this course is for you! Well worth the investment!!

    Read Less

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About Me

Hi, I live in North Carolina with my husband, Brian and daughter, Joy.   

Together Brian and I offer therapeutic bodywork and wellness education in our practice, HealthySteps.

I have been offering the Raindrop Technique® since 2005 right after I graduated from massage school.  I then fell in love with the C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) curriculum and become an instructor in 2006.  I have been teaching with C.A.R.E. since then!

Before entering the field of wellness, I was a Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired and worked with children and adults.  In this position I loved teaching skills to increase independence.  

I see Young Living's mission to get oils into every home and CARE's mission to get Raindrop into every home as complementary visions that are fostering Wellness Independence.  

I'm excited to be playing a role in enhancing your Wellness Independence with these on-line trainings.  I started Adapting Raindrop so that you can be more independent in your use of this flexible and effective wellness tool, Raindrop!