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    Intro to Intermediate
    • Intro Intermediate FR (PA) - HD 720p
    • Goals for Intermediate Ultimate Foam Roller Blueprint!
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    LOWER BODY - Intermediate
    • CALVES: Functions; Explosive force and power. Sprinting, jumping, pushing.
    • SHINS: Functions; Fluid movement of foot and toes. Support health of inside arch of foot. Fluid movement of ankle, foot and toes.
    • PERONEALS: Function; Stability for foot. Balance on toes, foot dexterity.
    • HAMSTRINGS: Function; Force and power, fluid leg movement. Running, pushing, jumping.
    • QUADS: Function; Speed in leg movement, downward push, power in forward leg movement. Kicking, running, cycling.
    • GROIN/ADDUCTORS: Function; Speed and strength in side to side movement. Flexibility in hip.
    • IT BANDS: Function; Strong leg straightener, stabilizer. Forward leg movement in running.
    • HIP/ABDUCTORS: Function; Powerful side to side movement, mobility of hip.
    • GLUTES: Function; Powerful force in upward movement. Jumping, pushing, climbing.
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    UPPER BODY - Intermediate
    • BACK: Functions; Smooth and strong movement of upper and lower body. Full range of motion for whole body.
    • SHOULDERS PART 1: Functions; Powerful shoulder movement, and mobility. Throwing, catching, swinging.
    • SHOULDERS PART 2: Functions; Powerful and fluid rotation, and back and forward movement. Reaching, arm rotation, full extension.
    • ARMS, UPPER AND LOWER: Functions: Force in gripping and pulling. Catching and gripping.
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    FOAM ROLLING ROUTINE - Intermediate
    • Intermediate Routine Quick Chart
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    Introduction to Advanced
    • Introduction to Advanced Foam Rolling
    • Goals for Advanced Foam Rolling
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    LOWER BODY - Advanced
    • CALF MUSCLES: Movement; Pull foot down, rotate foot in. Joints; Knee, ankle and big toe.
    • SHINS: Movement; Rotate foot in, pull foot and toe up. Joints; Ankle, knee, toes.
    • PERONEALS: Movement; Rotate foot out, pull foot down. Joints; Ankle, knee, toes.
    • HAMSTRINGS: Movement; Bend knee, pull leg back, rotate leg out/in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • QUADS: Movement; Straighten knee, pull leg up at hip. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • GROIN/ADDUCTORS: Movement; Pull leg in, rotate hip in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • IT BANDS: Movement; Moves leg up, rotates hip in, moves hip outward. Joints; Hip, knee.
    • HIP/ABDUCTORS: Movement; Pull leg out, pull leg up, rotate hip in. Joints; Knee, hip.
    • GLUTES: Movement; Pulls leg back, rotates leg out. Joints; Hip, back.
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    UPPER BODY - Advanced
    • BACK: Movement; Rotates and bends body forward, backwards and sideways. Joints; All vertebra, shoulder, hips.
    • SHOULDER PART 1: Movement; Moves arm forward, backward, inward, outward and away from body. Joints; Shoulder, upper vertebra.
    • SHOULDERS PART 2: Movement; Moves arm away from body, pull arm forward and backward. Rotates arm inward and outward. Joints; Shoulder, upper vertebra.
    • ARMS (UPPER AND LOWER): Movement; Move shoulder and elbow up and down. Move wrist up and down. Move wrist in and out. Joints; Elbow, wrist, fingers, shoulder.
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    • LOWER BODY - Advanced
    • Upper Body - Advanced