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This membership is valuable resource whether you have been offering the Raindrop Technique® for years, or you just started learning about it.

"All Things Raindrop" was brought about by the great deal of interested in the "Adapting Raindrop" FaceBook group.  This educational membership allows us to expand the topics and now we can offer you so much more!!

This resource does not take a "treat and prescribe" approach. Instead, the goal is to share experiences from a wide variety of Raindroppers. Learning from them will allow you to adapt your Raindrops with more confidence and use your oils more effectively.

I have gained so many valuable insights into physical, emotional and spiritual health from holding these interviews. I can't wait for you to view them! I'm excited to hear how these 20 minute long videos support your essential oil and Wellness Independence journey.


In the "Library" you have access to instructional videos, interviews and resources that are organized into topics.  This will make it easy for you to find and access when you need it, eliminating the hunting and searching that is typical of Face Book groups.  

Each week we'll post a new topic.  You are encouraged to add your thoughts and experiences in the Community regarding this weekly topic.  Then on Friday we'll "put it all together" and add a video in the Library. 

You'll have 24/7 access to all of it so that you can view information on your schedule, on any device.  

Have a question or thought about what you learned in the Library?  You can add a comment next to the video for any member to view.  


This is another opportunity for you to join in other Raindrop topics, ask questions or give advice to others.  Similar to a Face Book group, you can post a question at anytime or add your thoughts to a post.  

Choose to receive email updates as comments are added, or as a daily summary.  

On Wednesdays you are welcome to share a class or product that you offer that is related to the Raindrop Technique®

The "Library"

New Material is added Weekly

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    1. Welcome!
    • Take a Tour of the Website First.
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    2. All Thing Raindrop Community
    • Link to Access the Community.
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    3. Adaptations & Observations
    • Allergic to Oils - Receiver stated she was allergic to Raindrop oils & what Sandra did. (Interview with Sandra Wallace, CRT/LSH, DaHom - 7/12/21)
    • Back Pain + RDT with Debbie Jodoin, CRTS/LSH (9/6/21)
    • Bells Palsey + RDT (Interview with Carol Bechtel, FCCI, CRTS/LSH - 6/11/21)
    • Dogs + RDT, Interview with Bethany Dwyer, CRTS/LSH, 8/20/21
    • Dowager's Hump + Raindrop (Interview with Carol Bechtel, FCCI, CRTS, LSH - 4/2/21)
    • Emotional Release + Raindrop (Effects of Emotional Release on her health) (Interview with Celeste Reed, MT, BCRTS/LSH, SCCI, 7/23/21)
    • Epstein Barr Virus + Raindrop (Interview with Robin Wengert, LPN/Holistic Health Practitioner - 4/9/21)
    • Fibromyalgia + Raindrop (Interview with Sherian McCoy, Functional Naturopath - 5/21/21)
    • Kids + Raindrop Interview with Carol Hebert, CRTS/LSH (9/20/21)
    • Lymes + Raindrop (Interview with Sherian McCoy, Functional Naturopath - 3/19/21)
    • Paralysis (Leg) + RDT (Interview with Jennifer McCraw, FCCI, CRTS/LSH - 5/14/21)
  • 4
    4. Business Topics
    • An Interview with Joni Eisenbart (Raindropping Grandma), her experience as a CRTS/LSH - 8/9/21
    • How can I offer Raindrop Legally as a Business? (11/11/20)
    • The Steps to Becoming a CRTS/LSH (11/12/20)
    • The Cost of Becoming a CRTS/LSH (11/13/20)
  • 5
    5. Human Body
    • Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) + RDT (6/20/21)
    • Lymphatic System & RDT (Interview with Christina Hagan, LMBT, LCCI, - 4/23/21)
    • Muscular System & RDT (Interview with Brian Hagan, LMBT - 4/30/21)
    • Red Spots on Spine & Boney Landmarks (4/16/21)
  • 6
    6. Oils
    • 3 Questions about Wintergreen Answered (9/20/21)
    • The Five Phases of Raindrop
    • Can I Take a Shower After Raindrop? (2/10/21)
    • Tips on How to Keep Your Oils in Order (2/12/21)
    • Why You May Consider Reducing the Amount of Oil Used in RDT. (3/5/21)
    • Massage Oils & Base Oils Used in Raindrop (3/12/21)
    • Biblical Oils + Raindrop (Interview with Kristy Zittle, FCCI - 3/26/21)
  • 7
    7. Table Tips
    • What Massage Table Should I Get? (5/28/21)
    • What Should I Do When Receiver Falls Asleep?
  • 8
    8. Techniques - Used In Raindrop
    • Protect energy when giving a Raindrop. (Tired, pain after giving Raindrop) 7/16/21
    • Thumb VitaFlex - How to Use Your Thumbs (1-31-21)
    • Thumb VitaFlex - Tips to Make it Easier at a Massage Table (1-31-21)
    • Tips for Removing the Moist Heat Pack (8/5/20)
    • Why it Important to Stay in Physical Contact with Your Receiver and Tips to Do So. (2/12/21)
    • Why is it important to Stay Emotionally Connected to your Receiver and Tips to Do So. (2/19/21)
  • 9
    9. Techniques - To Add As Additional Support In Raindrop
    • Congestion - Support Body to Release Lung Congestion (7/2/21)
  • 10
    10. Tools
    • Raindrop Belt - Tips for Using (1-31-21)
    • Raindrop Rack (Interview with Irene Marz 6/25/21)
    • Roller Ball Raindrop Pros and Cons (1-31-21)
    • Vibrational Raindrop / Tuning Forks (Interview with Gail Hunter, LCCI, LMP, MASI - 5/7/21)
    • Vibrational Raindrop Demo (Interview with Judy Addington, LMBT, MASI, 7/30/21)
  • 11
    11. Meet The Author
    • The Pathway to Emotional Healing by Jennifer McCraw, FCCI, CRTS/LSH (8/27/21)

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Gain confidence in using this technique at home or in your wellness practice. You will have access to a growing collection of educational resources and interviews available to you 24/7. You'll also have the ability to get support from a group of Raindroppers with a wide variety of experience and specialties.
Put the Pieces of the Raindrop Puzzle Together

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this membership only for Raindrop Pracitioners?

    No, this group is for ALL Raindroppers. Moms, Massage Therapists, Raindrop Practitioners - anyone who is interested in adding to their Raindrop knowledge.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    No worries, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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    Maria de Lourdes Gonzalez

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    I found this very helpful!

    I found this very helpful!

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    I love all these tips. Thanks so much

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A Bit About Me

Hi, I live in North Carolina with my husband, Brian and daughter, Joy.  

Together Brian and I offer therapeutic bodywork and wellness education in our practice, HealthySteps.

I have been offering the Raindrop Technique® since 2005 right after I graduated from massage school.  I then fell in love with the C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) curriculum and become an instructor in 2006.  I have been teaching with C.A.R.E. since then!

Before entering the field of wellness, I was a Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired and worked with children and adults.  In this position I loved teaching skills to increase independence.  

I see Young Living's mission to get oils into every home and CARE's mission to get Raindrop into every home as complementary visions that are fostering Wellness Independence.  

I'm excited to be playing a role in enhancing your Wellness Independence with these on-line trainings.  I started Adapting Raindrop so that you can be more independent in your use of this flexible and effective wellness tool, Raindrop!